Patient Hero: The ER in VR
Patient Hero: The ER in VR is a virtual reality (VR) application to help people who purposely avoid seeking medical attention (nosocomephobia), for those who want to develop a better bond with their healthcare providers, and for anyone looking to learn about the process of going to the Emergency Department. Elements of gamified learning and virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET) are used to create an interactive experience to equip patients with knowledge and lessen their fears.

As the user of this VR application, you will take on the role of the patient as you go through a series of steps where you first locate the entrance to the Emergency Department. Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by a comical, friendly and professional nurse named Jane. Nurse Jane will update you on all the materials you need to bring when coming to the Emergency Department. Next, you’ll get an explanation of triage care and what to expect when going through the process. You’ll even be able to try some of the equipment. Once you’ve completed triage care, you’ll be given a quiz to test your medical knowledge.

From the magazines on the tables to the medical equipment in the rooms, users can use their hands to interact with these objects and learn. While immersed in the emergency department, you’re able to hear the realistic sounds coming down the hallways: from the hustle and bustle of the staff to the emergency sirens outside. You’re able to look around and move as you please while being led by Nurse Jane. Hospitals, healthcare companies, or VR companies focused in healthcare, please contact Branden through the contact form for more information.
About Branden
Branden C. Potter holds a Master's Degree from New York University's Tandon School of Engineering. He is an adjunct professor teaching web design and development and contributes special effects animation for Frog Boyz, a cartoon series featuring voices from up and coming comics and actors on Netflix. He was also a writer for websites such as Grunge and The Daily Meal where he reached millions of monthly readers and had numerous articles republished on Yahoo! and MSN.
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